Jo Jo Reyes takes one for the (former) team

Jo Jo Reyes may not have done much in a Toronto uniform but her certainly came through in a big way today, tossing up some lob balls to help the Jays rebound from an ugly loss on Tuesday.

A 13-0 beat down is just what the Jays needed to pick up their spirits following an extra inning blown save by the now departed Brian Tallet. Hopefully he is gone for good this time. I do have to admit, the move is a bit of a head scratcher as the rosters are due to expand tomorrow. It’s not like they needed Tallet’s spot on the 25 man roster. In any event, I won’t miss him.

As for the bats, they finally woke up in a big way as every regular except Mike McCoy had at least one hit. Jose Bautista homered and even Kelly Johnson got in on the act. Meanwhile Henderson Alvarez spun a three hit shutout over eight innings to become the youngest Jay, at age 21, to pick up a win.

Sure it was only the Orioles, but Alvarez looked pretty impressive out there today. It’d be interesting to see how he’d fare against Boston or New York if his stuff was working like it was today. 

(On a side note, I turn 25 tomorrow. It breaks my heart a bit to see a 21 year old pitching while I remain undrafted. I’m starting to think it’s never going to happen. My softball stats just don’t seem to impress scouts.)

Also I’d like to point out it was nice of Kevin Gregg to blow a save yesterday and kind of atone for all the BS’s he posted in Toronto. Unfortunately the Jays couldn’t turn it into a win, but still it was the thought that counted. Can’t blame Gregg for trying to give the game away.

Now let’s see if Luis Perez can deliver a birthday win for me and a series victory. It would be a great gift to a life long Jays fan.



  1. sfrunner

    Good to see the Jays win on this night and to see a number of people chip in on the hit column. I watched some of it after coming home from the Giants-Cubs game this afternoon on MLB Extra-Innings. Is Johnson even with Hill at one apiece in the HRs since the trade? I guess Brian Tallet is to you what Miguel Tejada was to me. Definitely, adios in both cases! Hope you guys take the series tomorrow. Happy B-Day!


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