Brett Lawrie delivers a birthday blast for me

Back and fourth game ended the right way as Brett Lawrie smacked a clutch two run homer in the 8th to give the Jays the lead for good.

A nice birthday present for this life long Jays fan. Just for fun I checked how the Jays did on the day I was born. Jimmy Key started the game and Tom Henke got the win in a 6-5 walk off victory over the Indians at the Ex.

Flashing ahead 25 years the Jays once again gave me cause for celebration. They should have easily swept this series, but two of three isn’t too bad. The Orioles are made to be picked on so it was great to see the Jays take advantage. Heading into New York this weekend they may need all the wins they can get. Sadly A.J. Burnett started tonight so the Jays won’t get to tee off. Shame. 

A.J.’s bloated ERA aside, the series does line up pretty well for Toronto. Brandon Morrow, Ricky Romero and Brett Cecil will take on Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia. It’s not exactly an intimidating trio, but it’s the best the Jays have right now and I wouldn’t say they’re completely overmatched, on paper anyway, in any game.

Word is they won’t have to deal with A-roid in at least the first game either. That’s always nice though this year he’s been 1/4th the player he once was. Perhaps the years of abusing his body is catching up. Hopefully. 

The series will also mark Lawrie’s debut in the Bronx. Knowing the Yanks they’re going to do everything to try and intimidate the youngster. Knowing Lawrie his fired up style of play is going to tick off the Yanks who think every rookie should fear them. Should be a fun series to watch. 

I have to admit I’ve been nothing but impressed with Lawrie’s play since his debut. In about a month’s worth of service he has six homers and is hitting .326. More than that he’s been a spark plug on and off the field and is quickly growing a huge fan base. While still VERY early, he could be something special. 



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Happy Birthday Bluejaysnest! And a good game with a rookie homerun that turns into a win sounds like as good a way to celebrate as I can think of. Eh, you didn’t want to face A.J. this time out anyway – he was actually good. And I think Lawrie will do just fine in the Bronx. That kid has been nothing but impressive since he started. Yes, it’s early, but I think the Jays have a future star on their hands there.
    — Kristen

  2. strictlycubsbaseball

    I love Lawrie and have him on one of my fantasy teams. I wish they would put him at 2B and move Bautista to 3B, but I doubt that happens. Especially if they keep Kelly Johnson. Either way, he’s a stud! And happy birthday again.


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