Ricky finally figures out the BoSox

Ricky Romero continued his dominance tonight, beating his arch enemy Boston Red Sox with 6.2 innings of three run ball.

If not for a bit of a misplay at short he could have finished with seven scoreless innings. In any event he matched his career high with 14 wins and helped the Jays take three of four from Boston.

Ricky has struggled mightily against Boston in his young career and needed this win in the worst kind of way. Everyone in the ballpark was well aware of his struggles (including Ricky.) He now has something to build on for his next start….which happens to be against the Red Sox in Fenway.

But before we worry about that we can enjoy another great win by Toronto. The young guys once again stole the show as J.P. Arencibia blasted home run number 22 and David Cooper had two RBI. Eric Thames got in on the act and launched home run number 10.

As for J.P., every home run he tacks on now sets a new record for homers from a Toronto catcher. It also boosts his chances at Rookie of the Year. He also has 71 RBI on the year, which isn’t too shabby either.

All told the Jays used four rookies tonight and still managed to defeat Boston. Hell they even used Frank Francisco to close it out and STILL managed to preserve the win. 

The win also gives them a 5-4 record against Boston inside the Rogers Centre which is nothing to sneeze at either. 

The Jays are now back to .500 at 72-72 with a chance to put some distance between themselves and the even mark with a three game set at home against Baltimore. 

My math tells me the Jays have 18 games left which means they need at least 10 wins to finish over .500. It doesn’t mean much but it looks a lot better when the Spring Training preview magazines list the final standings next February.

It won’t be easy though. As of today, Baltimore is their only opponent left with a sub .500 record. Boston, New York, Los Angles, Tampa Bay and Chicago are all north of that mark.




One comment

  1. Red State Blue State

    Good win for Romero, I agree. I’m still waiting for him to blow everyone away like he was touted to do earlier in his career. There’s no question the Jays can bash… if only they had some pitching prowess to balance it all.

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