Two steps forward, one step back

The Jays take three of four from the Red Sox before getting shutout by 17 game loser Jeremy Guthrie. Makes sense, right?

Brett Cecil took an undeserving loss, falling to 4-9 on the year. Friday was his fifth straight loss. This from a guy who was 15-7 last year.

Last year as a team the Jays were 15-3 vs. the Orioles. This year they’re now 10-6 with two left to play. Henderson Alvarez and Dustin McGowan will now be tasked with trying to win the series. What a comeback story McGowan has been though I wouldn’t expect too much in his first start in two years. Still, facing the O’s is the best way to get your feet wet.

Of course the only thing this loss does is make the push for .500 all the more difficult. It could be worse. The Jays could have billed themselves as the greatest team ever this off-season only to find themselves on the verge of a monumental collapse. (I’m looking at you Boston.)

The odds are still long, but Tampa Bay moved to within 5.5 games back with 19 left to play last night. The Angels are also somewhat in the picture at 6 back.

All of Boston’s remaining games all against the AL East: five against Tampa, two vs. the Jays, three vs. the Yankees and six against Baltimore.

Tampa too has only AL East opponents remaining, but faces New York six times and Baltimore only three.

It’d be hilariously awesome if Boston completely fell apart and missed the playoffs. But it’s not likely.  



  1. This is a very simple game...

    I know I’d love it if Boston fell apart and Tampa Bay got the WC nod. My husband’s sister and her family live in Boston and all the pre-season bragging about how the team was going to get 130 wins and four out of five pitchers were going to get 20 wins each? I would love to see my brother-in-law and nephew eat a little crow. Granted my nephew is only 6 but, hey, you’re never too young to learn how to lose gracefully. 😉 I know the Angels are only just behind Tampa Bay in the WC race but it’s a long enough shot for Tampa Bay so they’re pretty much out of it even so.
    — Kristen

  2. Christine

    I would love to see the Bo Sox implode! Oh wait we are seeing that!! It’s all good. However I would dearly love to see them damn Yankees implode too. Who knows maybe Tampa will really make a wild run at winning the AL and then either Texas or LA can take the WC. How great would that be!!! Ahhhh dreams! Ahh well. Very much looking forward to Dustin McGowan starting on Sun!

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