A Boston collapse would be ‘almost’ as good as the Jays making the playoffs

The pressure continues to mount in Beantown as the Tampa Bay Rays put the finishing touches on a 5-2 win over Baltimore tonight.

Their win puts Tampa just three games back of the Wild Card with 16 games left each. It may still seem like a comfy enough cushion but consider this: Six days ago Boston held an 8 game lead. 

The Jays have a chance to play a huge role in the collapse as they face Boston in a two game set starting tomorrow. How sweet would it be if the Jays could play a major role in their collapse? 

Just how great would this collapse be? Considering Boston snatched away Tampa’s star player with more money, have been cocky fools all season long and were planning their parade in March, them not making the playoffs would prove that God rewards the good people in life.

Oh please, please, please let it happen.




  1. Christine

    Here Here! Let’s all hope and pray for a good 2 game set!! After the collapse of the Bo sox though I’m going to start praying for a Yanks collapse too! *L*

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