J.P.’s chances for ROY

A Blue Jays off day is the perfect time to examine J.P. Arencibia’s shot at winning Toronto’s third Rookie of the Year trophy.

Looking at the stats it’s hard to argue this is anymore than a three horse race.

L.A. Angels’ Mark Trumbo: .256, 27, 82

Toronto’s Arencibia: .219, 23, 76

K.C.’s Eric Hosmer: .286, 17, 70

Conventional wisdom says that Trumbo has the inside track. Not only is he leading in homers and RBI, but he’s doing so in the middle of a pennant race. Toronto and K.C. have been out of it since July.

The only hope Arencibia has is the fact that he plays the most difficult position. Working with a very inexperienced pitching staff, he’s managed to keep the Jays around the .500 mark while playing in the AL East. On the negative side, Toronto’s team ERA is 4.37 which is 25th in MLB.

For the record, J.P.’s production numbers are better than Buster Posey’s 2010 numbers of .305, 18, 67. Posey was also a huge part of a World Series championship team with a great pitching staff. 

All this being said it’s going to take a ridiculous final two weeks by Arencibia and the Angels missing the playoffs for him to leapfrog Trumbo. Still, what a great debut none the less. 

Rays winning: Tampa couldn’t solve the Orioles but fortunately for them they have no problems with the Red Sox. Assuming they can hold onto their 9-1 win, they’ll move to just three games back. Time is running out but they are determined to make this thing interesting. 



  1. toosoxy

    Bah. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good fight, but it’s like the Sox aren’t even tryingggg. The game we won against you guys seemed more like a pitching implosion than a victory… a game that, if you’d had better mound luck, I think Toronto would have had. Frustrating.
    I wasn’t paying much attention to Arencibia until lately- and I’m sorry about that, because he’s great. He would have my vote out of those three. Because he frustrated me to no end last week. 🙂 He def. made a difference in the BJ-Sox series.

  2. Red State Blue State

    Well, JP’s aren’t quite as good as Posey’s were. That .219 versus .305 is a HUGE difference. Sure he had some more pop, but the average is important. Overall, I like JP and think he’s got a good shot to be a force in the league. Gotta get that average up a bit though.

  3. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    There is a huge difference in average but as a catcher you can almost throw away averages. That’s why I value home runs and RBI’s more from the catcher’s spot…although all of that takes a back seat to game calling.

  4. Paul

    average does matter big time. Hosmer has to be the leading offensive candidate. He is leading or close to the top in avg, OBP, slugging, RS, doubles, RBI, OPS, all while playing a gold glove caliber 1st base. Trumbo’s average, OBP and high strikeout totals should eliminate him. But, honestly the pitcher candidates will be hard to top.

  5. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    Average matters for lead off hitters and speedsters. But when you’re talking catcher, which would you rather have. A slow singles hitter or a slugger who doesn’t always makes contact but typically does damage when he does?

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