Morrow returns to form

Developing a young arm like Brandon Morrow comes with its ups and downs. Today’s game was certainly an up as he held the Yankees scoreless for eight innings and picked up his 10th win.

Prior to that it had been a lot of down as he era had swelled to over 5 in four straight losses. 

I can see why Seattle would have been frustrated with him but every time he pitches a game like this I’m reminded of the great steal Anthopolous pulled off getting him for Brandon League. 

As for the Yankees, they didn’t really look like the Yankees today. Their questionable base running and some shoddy defense bailed the Jays out on a few occasions and really killed some rallies.

Adam Lind continues to end the season on a high note, blasting two homers off Freddy Garcia. Hard to believe both Garcia and Bartolo Colon lasted the whole year with the Yankees. Even harder to believe they’ll be counted on heavily in the post season. Could be another early exit.

Thankfully this was the last game the Jays will play against New York this year so they don’t have to worry about Mariano Rivera surpassing the all time save record against them. 

Elsewhere in the East, the Rays currently sport an 8-5 lead in the 7th against Boston. I know Boston has seven left with the Orioles, but at the rate their playing those are by no means assumed wins.

Don’t let me down Tampa…. 



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Growing pains are to be expected and I think Brandon Morrow is going to be one scary pitcher to face inthe future. With maturity will come consistancy and he will probably be even more consistant come spring training ’12. As far as Rivera goes, ain’t that the truth? I want to see him break the record, but damned if I wanted to see him break it against us either. Congrats on beating those Yanks. I know they’re getting to the post season, but I also wonder how far they’ll go once they get there…
    — Kristen

  2. mlblogsgiantsbythebay

    Brandon Morrow is going to be a force to deal with in 2012 and things look very bright for him. Sunday, he was very good. Regarding the Yankees and their baserunning, it wasn’t very good on Saturday either when Cano and Texierra passed each other on the basepaths. They were lucky to win one game of the series.

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