Revenge is a dish best served cold

Call me bitter, but I still remember that night in April when the Jays were robbed by Bob Davidson in extra innings about the Angels.

So that’s why I take great pleasure in walking off against Los Angeles. Not that it was their fault, but you can’t beat the umpires, no matter how much fun that would be.

The victory all but eliminated the Angels from the playoffs. Make that another year the Jays have kept Vernon Wells out of the playoffs…hiyo!

After today’s win the Jays have just three games left at home. That means only three more chances to walk off. It’s been a great season of those. 

The only disappointment to come out of today was Ricky Romero didn’t get the win. He certainly pitched well enough and is probably dreading the end of the regular season. He is nearly unhittable these days.

Toronto is now three games above .500 with nine to play. Odds are good they will finish with a winning record….hopefully anyway.

But in sadder news, Boston’s win tonight in Baltimore officially eliminated the Jays from the wild card race. It was a close one I know, but it has come to a surprising end….maybe next year. 



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