One bad inning is all it takes

An ugly fourth (and a not so pretty third) did the Jays in tonight, giving the Angels eight runs in just two innings.

They did come back and make it somewhat interesting, but ultimately fell 10-6. The Angels were nice enough to give Toronto a chance and started Joel Pinerio, but Brett Cecil is no ace himself. He’s now 4-10 on the year with an ERA of 4.56. Sophomore Slump, or serious cause for concern? I don’t know but this year is a total write off, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow night Dustin McGowan will have to outduel Dan Haren. Could be another ugly game but then again McGowan looked half decent in his last outing against the Yanks. If he can stay away from the big innings, who knows what might happen.

In frustrating news, the Rays blew an ample chance to put the pressure on Boston tonight, losing 5-0 to New York. Baltimore did the Rays a HUGE favour by beating Boston 7-5 but in the end all it does is shave another game off the calendar. The O’s can’t be counted on to keep winning. Tampa has to win AT least seven of their last nine (probably closer to eight or nine) if they are serious about this upset. 

If only the season were three or four more games longer….



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