Ricky deserved better

Ricky Romero’s 2011 stats will finish like this: 15-11, 2.92 ERA, .216 BAA with 178 K’s to 80 BB’s in 225 innings.  

In other words, he was fantastic. 

Unfortunately for his own personal stats he ended the season with a 6-2 loss. But diving a little deeper we see he went 8.2 innings and only one run earned. It pretty much summed up his entire year: he pitched outstandingly but was left out to dry by his teammates.

Still, let’s not let tonight’s outcome cloud the big picture. Romero, at just 26 years old, proved he can dominate in the AL East. For a team with a lot of rotation questions heading into 2012, we can find comfort knowing that the Jays have one of the top seven (at least) pitchers in the league taking the mound every fifth day. 

Although Ricky didn’t get the win on the last day, he did win Opening Night way back in April against the Twins. That seems so far away now. A time back when I had hope for this year….ah, memories. 

Hopefully Alex Anthopolous doesn’t shock us this winter and deal Romero like he did Shaun Marcum, but I think we’re safe on that front. There’s reason to believe, with a little run support, Romero could be even better next year. At least in the win-loss department.

As for tonight’s game, usually I’d be pretty upset that the Jays scored only two runs, both of which scoring on after Toronto’s third batter and none afterwards. But as I mentioned before, since losing to Tampa hurts Boston, I can deal with it.

IF the Jays had to lose, this was the way to do it. Romero pitched great and only allowed one earned run while Jose Bautista added to his home run and RBI total. Can’t ask for much more in a loss.

Same rules go for tomorrow: if the Jays win, great. If not then the Rays could move into a tie with Boston for the wild card lead, provided the Yanks sweep a day/night double header.

Thankfully after tomorrow the Jays will finish the year against the White Sox, a team I have no reason to cheer for. A sweep against Chicago would be a great way to cap off the year. 



  1. Red State Blue State

    I’m goin’ to the Cell tomorrow to watch the game. Friend asked me if I’d join and I couldn’t resist seein’ Joey Bats and my old homeboy Colby. (Couldn’t pay me to watch the White Sox right now).

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