The final series begins

Hard to believe but there’s just three games remaining on the ol’ schedule. 

Seems like not that long ago I was counting down the days, hours and minutes until Opening Night. I wish the winter would fly by as fast as the summer seems to.

Nostalgia aside, the Jays have a job to do today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Although it means very little in the long term, finishing with a winning record would be a nice little accomplishment. To do that the Jays will need to at least win the series against the White Sox, though sweeping it would be nice.

There is a bit of bad blood between these two clubs so I don’t expect either side to phone it in. Remember back in May when John Danks accused Jose Bautista of showing him up after he expressed frustration with himself for popping out. The Sox are also on record for having accused the Jays of stealing signs, though nothing was ever proven.

I’m sure if you asked the White Sox they’d say this has nothing to do with the fact that the Jays have owned them over the past few years, right? Toronto is 3-1 vs them so far.

Winning this series won’t be easy though. Not only will Jose Bautista miss at least Monday’s game, but the the Jays will need a win from either Dustin McGowan or Luis Alvarez. They do have Brandon Morrow tossing in the finale, who has been outstanding in his last two outings.

For the record, the Sox have 82 losses so the best they can finish is 80-82. Can’t help but wonder if this will be Ozzie’s last series in a White Sox uniform (and probably ever.) I can’t see any other team hiring him if he gets let go, but we’ll see.

Of course the big talk of the night will be the Red Sox/Orioles and Yankees/Rays games. The Sox have Beckett going tonight, so you have to figure that match favours them. After that, it’s a huge roll of the dice.

I have to hand it to the Yankees though for playing yesterday’s double header with every intention of winning. If I were the Yanks I would much rather see Boston make the playoffs instead of the Rays.

Then again if the Yanks sweep the Rays, they won’t have to worry about seeing them in October.  


One comment

  1. Christine

    Well the Yankees did their job tonight and lost! Yay Yankees. And Baltimore did their job tonight and won! Yay O’s!!! Hopefully things can work out a bit longer for either the Rays to take the WC lead. Or at lest end up in a tie! Cause I think in a head to head the Red Sox will lose to the Rays. Go Rays!

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