The greatest baseball day of all time aka the day the impossible happened

It’s been about nine hours since the 2011 season ended and I still can’t believe it went down the way it did.

In mid-August it looked like this would be one of the most predictable playoff races ever. By the end of it, it was the most thrilling. Even if your team lost, amid all the heart break and frustration, you have to admit that was unreal.

Here is just a few things that I loved about last night:

Johnathan Pabelbon, one of the most arrogant men in baseball, blew the save in Baltimore.

Carl Crawford, who left for greener pastures in Boston, dropped the game winning looper and then made a terrible throw to home.

Buck Showalter, who had said the Red Sox were overrated in the Spring, played a huge role in their demise this month.The Red Sox, who many people declared ‘the greatest team ever’ back in March, will be watching the post season from the comfort of their living rooms. 

Over in St. Louis, the Cardinals will get at least one more season of playoff baseball with Albert Pujols. 

The Rays walk off homer, which helped cap a 7-0 comeback, was hit by the anti-Crawford in Evan Longoria. 

Curtis Granderson didn’t go yard, giving Jose Bautista his second straight home run title with 43 dingers. A lot of people doubted Jose this year but he more than silenced them by posting a .302 average and 104 RBI. This after losing some protection around him. I said all off season that Jose could hit 14 less home runs than he did last year and still finish with 40. 

And of course, the Blue Jays also pulled off a come back win of their own yesterday to finish at .500, which was pretty cool.

I can only hope, wish and dream that Toronto can be part of a thrilling finish next year, one that vaults them into the playoffs in dramatic fashion. 

If that was just the final game of the regular season I can’t wait to see what the post season has in store. 

But first I’ll need this off day to try and wrap my head around what the heck happened yesterday. 




  1. mlblogsgiantsbythebay

    Wow! In 50 years that I’ve watched baseball, I can’t think of a year that had a more memorable ending. Though your Jays and my Giants aren’t in there, it’s good that there are some teams in postseason that haven’t been there in several years. Enjoy the postseason and offseason. Spring training is about 150 days away!

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