my playoff picks

If these turn out right I will brag about how smart I am. If they turn out wrong I’ll delete the post (kidding)

I’m hoping the Brewers will beat the D-Backs, Phillies beat the Cards.

Tigers beat the Yanks, Rangers beat the Rays.

Tigers vs. Brewers in the World Series. Brewers take the crown. 

More than likely it’ll be Yankees vs. Phillies, but can’t blame a guy for dreaming.


Good luck to all the teams involved and all the fans who are cheering for their home town or, like me, have to rent a team for this month.  



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Too funny. I’m” rooting” the opposite of you in every bracket except for the Yankees/Tigers…though I would have 0 problem, and indeed have a lot of fun with a Tigers/Brewers series, at which point I would probably root for the Brewers. None of this is a prediction, mind you, just how I’m rooting.
    — Kristen

  2. Benny K.

    The Brewers took a series against the Phils early this year. They have a chance of beating them in the NLCS.

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