Details coming out on the Red Soxcalypse

Had Boston won one more game and made the playoffs, everything would be just peachy in Boston right now. Instead they missed the playoffs, Terry Francona is out of a job, Theo Epstein has jumped ship and the once ‘Greatest Team Ever’ will forever be known as the biggest chokers of all time.

So it’s no surprise not even three weeks after the collapse the finger pointing has begun. Boston is famous for it and we’ve all come to expect it. Very rarely, if ever, do super stars make it out of Boston with their reputations intact. Look at Manny, Pedro, Nomar, Johnny Damon, Keith Foulke and the list goes on and on and on. 

Apparently it’s Francona’s fault because he was addicted to pain killers and distracted from his divorce. I have to say, throwing a guy under the bus because of personal problems is a new low, ever for an organization as classless as Boston.

Adding to the problems is the fact that Boston’s pitchers, who were the main cause of the 7-20 September, made it a habit of indulging in beer, fried chicken and video games when they weren’t pitching. 

This of course isn’t anything new as Atlanta’s big three pitchers were known to go golfing when they weren’t scheduled to pitch. But when your team is falling apart it certainly looks bad when your ace can’t even be bothered to cheer them on from the dugout. 

having watched the Red Sox struggle down the stretch I can say they didn’t really look like a team that was on the verge of bowing the biggest lead in the history of the game. And I don’t mean they looked relaxed. They looked like they didn’t care. 

Big Pappi, a free agent, stated today he doesn’t want to come back and deal with all the ‘drama.’ That pretty much promises he won’t be back next year. 

If I’m Alex Anthopolus I would see this as my chance to strike and leapfrog the sinking Red Sox. Although Boston has problems, they do have the money to afford band aids to cover them up. This window won’t be open for long. 



  1. This is a very simple game...

    The Sox have money and money can buy a lot of bandaids. But I think that this collapse shows that they need to do a lot more than buy bandaids. Even if the articles are exaggerated, and I always question that many anonymous quotes, they have clubhouse problems and just throwig money at clubhouse problems can sometimes make them even worse, especially after so much personal anonymous finger pointing.
    — Kristen

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