Who needs Cliff Lee?

Well, so much for my Tigers/Brewers World Series match up. The Tigers are officially out and in a few hours the Brewers may be too.

In just a few minutes we’ll see Shaun Marcum take on Edwin Jackson, both former Jays (though Jackson’s tenure was a mere few minutes.)

Over in the A.L. the Rangers (Nelson) Cruz’d to the Fall Classic with a 15-5 victory. I have to hand it to the Rangers, they did all of this without Cliff Lee, who left them for Philly in the off-season. He continues to look for his first World Series ring while the Rangers advanced without his help. Think of all the money they saved.

While I was pulling for the Tigers, I’m not too upset that the Rangers made it in. Having read Josh Hamilton’s auto-biography that detailed his battle with drugs, I have nothing but respect for him. A ring would be a nice finish to that story. 

That’s all I got for now. Time to tune into the Brewers/Cards game and see if the Brewers made the right choice giving up Brett Lawrie for Marcum. 




  1. This is a very simple game...

    “and see if the Brewers make the right choice…”
    Yeah, uh, negative Ghostrider. His E.R.A. is full. Granted this was a pretty small sample size on a huge stage. Who knows what next season will hold.
    The Rangers are a great team. The Rangers played lights out. I absolutely cannot root for the Rangers. No offense to the Rangers. I just can’t root for such a close rival.
    — Kristen

  2. Benny K.

    I just can’t stand the Cardinals (being the intense Brewer’s fan that I am) and I hope they can creamed in the World Series.

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