My World Series predicament

Here I sit watching Game 1 of the World Series and for the first time since I can remember, I have no real strong emotion one way or the other.

And no, I’m not being emo. I’m just saying I have no real reason to cheer for one team or the other. Both of my rental teams are eliminated. 

I did want Texas to win last year, but this year I don’t have that same attachment. The Cardinals, well i like Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter, but they did win in 2006. It seems unfair that they’d get a second World Series while the Jays still haven’t even been close to returning to one since 1993.

In any event, who I ‘think’ will win is St. Louis. Which goes against what a lot of people predicting but I think the Cardinals are a lot better than people seem to think. Sure they only got in because of a miracle, but much like in ’06, they are much better than their record suggests. 

Just imagine what they could have done with a healthy Adam Wainwright….

And on a side note….I think baseball needs a new trophy. A circular base with flags for every team in the league? It’s gotten old. 

Outside of the World Series, elsewhere my baseball mind is still anxiously waiting for the Blue Jays to reveal their 2012 uniforms. I believe I read somewhere that they will do it in November, which makes sense. Better to do it before Christmas than after. They just don’t want to steal any thunder from the Rangers and Cardinals….not that too many people outside of Toronto would care. 


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