How can you NOT be rooting for the Cardinals tonight?

If you grew up in Texas or have been a Ranger fan for longer than a month, then you can ignore this post.

But for anyone else who has no real ties to Texas, how can you not be cheering for the Cardinals? Even if you hate Tony La Russa, Mark McGwire or the Rally Squirrel, I challenge anyone to tell me this Cards team’s run isn’t impressive. 

Losing Adam Wainwright before the season even started, losing Albert Pujols for a few weeks, being 9.5 out in late August, being down 2-1 to the Phillies and facing Roy Halliday in Game 5 on the road and now rallying down two runs with two outs and two strikes against them….twice. 

If the Cardinals lose tonight then all of this will have been meaningless. I’m sorry Texas, I do feel you pain but let’s face it. The Baseball Gods are clearly rooting for the Cards. 

Hopefully Chris Carpenter can deliver one more solid outing. Something tells me both starters will fail to see the fifth inning though. The again who knows, it could be a 2-1 final. 

All I know is this will be, without doubt, an amazingly mind blowing game. It’s only fitting that a season that saw the best playoff races of all time would end with a thrilling Game 7. Regardless of the score at any point of this game, be it 5-0 or even 10-0, you just know when it’s all said and done the ninth inning is going to be filled with drama. 

With all due respect to hockey, basketball and football, you just don’t have this kind of playoff drama in any other sport. And that my friends, is why I love baseball. 



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Hear, hear! Though I suppose diehard Cubs fans have no love for the Cardinals in this either and can be added to the list of Texas rooters. What a post season, what a Series and – Oh my! – what a Game 6! I am having a devil of a time getting work done waiting for Game 7!
    And don’t go hatin’ on the Rally Squirrel. Rally animals, once spontaneously generated, take on a life of their own and kind of grow on you after a while…grow like what, I leave to your capable interpretation. 😉
    — Kristen

  2. Red State Blue State

    The other day you were talking about silencing the critics… how about the Cardinals shutting up the bi-coastal biased media?! No one gave the Birds a shot… and NOW WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!

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