And so ends a thrilling year of baseball

Well the Cardinals completed their historic run with their 11th title last night. I still can’t believe it.

The game itself wasn’t as thrilling as one might expect given the way the 2011 season went, but it wasn’t completely boring either. Chris Carpenter once again proved he is one of the most underrated pitchers in the game while David Freese went from unknown outside of Missouri to international super star. All in all, best World Series in at least seven years.

On the other side of the field I did feel sorry for Texas. Not only did they lose a series they really could have won, but they’ve now been to two classics and went home empty handed twice. While the Cards celebrated their 11th in history, the Rangers continue to search for their first. 

Then again, as a fan who hasn’t seen his team in a single playoff game for 18 years now, I’m not THAT sympathetic either. In the past 10 years, nine different teams (or almost 1/3rd) have won a World Series. Pretty good odds for the Jays to have at least PLAYED in one of them but not even close…..sorry I got sidetracked.

Ah yes, back to the series. It was a fitting end to a great year in baseball. As for baseball itself despite rough economic times across North America, it once again posted strong numbers. For the first time in three years baseball’s attendance actually rose (even if it was only by 1 per cent.) The Jays, who ranked 25th, averaged about 22,000 a game which was an increase over 2010. Not bad for a .500 club. 

As sad as I am that the year is over, tonight we can officially start looking forward to April 2012. The off-season has officially begun and let the rumours fly. I hope to update regularly through out the winter if for nothing else, to remind me that summer is coming. 

Let the countdown begin: five more months till Opening Day. April 5, 2012: Bring on the Indians. 



  1. Aaron

    An Indian (fan) is here! 😉
    Carpenter was great for the Cards, and their Manager will ride off into the sunset. I hope Big Albert will stay put. And Congrats to former Indians’ starter Jake Westbrook! Next year should be fun for both of our clubs.

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