Washington’s address

You know it’s a slow off-season when Ron Washington’s leaked Game 7 speech is making headlines.

Now I will admit, this is the first time I’ve ever heard a coach’s pre-game speech. But I can’t say I was all that surprised. Some people were trying to make a big deal out of some of the language he used or the names he used to describe the Cardinals. Something tells me had you heard La Russa or any other coach’s pre-game speech, it’d sound similar.

If you haven’t heard the speech yet, you haven’t missed much. If you’re still curious I’m sure a simple Google search will satisfy your curiosity. 

Outside of that the only real Jays news is A. Jose Bautista is in the MVP running (he won’t win it) and B. the Jays are still interested in Yu Darvish.

I don’t know much about the 25 year old Japanese pitcher, but I am skeptical. Given the troubles of just about every Japanese pitcher has had in the MLB, I hope Alex Anthopolous exercises caution. Not to mention he’ll come with a huge posting fee on top of his actual contract. But at the same time, pitching help is sparse out there. It’ll take some creativity to improve the rotation. 



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Agreed on Washington. Please, the speech was funny, what I would imagine every manage says more or less and only sightly raunchier than baseball speeches the precious kidlets watch in the movies…and more importantly not for any of our ears anyway. Enough with the clubhouse leaks already.
    The Jays want Darvish too? Quite the hype over that guy right now which always makes me skeptical.
    — Kristen

  2. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    Seems like the Jays are at least mentioned in every big name international super star lately….they just never seem to land him. I like the idea of attempting to improve the rotation, I’m just not sure spending big dollars on an unproven arm is the way to do it.

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