Marlins new jersey revealed today….Toronto’s next week?

When I haven’t seen a baseball game in about two weeks, things like a new uniform unveiling press conference become exciting to me.

So with that in mind, I am counting down the hours until 9 p.m. Eastern time when the Florida…sorry Miami Marlins…. will show off their new duds.

After their original logo was leaked in late September I became nervous about what the Marlins had in mind. But after seeing an early photo of their new home jerseys, I’ve got to say I kind of like it. I still like the black and teal from their 1997 championship team, but I like the embracing of tropical colours too. We’ll have to see what the road, alternate and any other jerseys they have planned look like later tonight.

Also looking forward to seeing the new stadium in a real game as well. Looks pretty snazzy from early artist renderings.  Between Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle, it sounds like the Marlins are determined to field an improved if not highly competitive team for 2012 as well. I like it.

Even more exciting for me is news that the Jays will reveal their new look logo next Friday. It’s interesting that this is just rumoured as the Marlins announced way back in September that their new duds would be made public on Nov. 11. But I digress.

After seeing Toronto’s leaked logo I am very very very excited to see what the new uniforms will look like. I have been saying for years now that they should ditch the black and go back to white and blue. Sounds like my prayers have been answered. Hopefully we’ll find out next week….just in time for the Christmas season.


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