Rookie of the Years

The Rookie of the Year winners are in….and your winners are…drum
roll please…. Tampa Bay’s Jeremy Hellickson and Atlanta’s Craig

And so ends J.P. Arencibia’s hopes of winning, but I never really
expected he would either. Perhaps the saddest thing about this
announcement is that Hellickson is 24 and I’m 25. My dreams of suiting
up for the MLB are dwindling.

Hellickson, who threw 36.1 innings in 2010 (the cut-off to still being
considered a rookie is 50) was 13-10 with a 2.95 ERA. Considering he
did that in the AL East in the midst of a playoff race is quite
impressive. Just another quality arm in the Rays’ system, nothing to
see here folks. Keep moving.

Over in the National League, closer Kimbrel (who I admit I know little
about) posted a fantastic 2.10 ERA to go with a rookie record 46

But while Hellickson’s team pulled off a historic come back to make
the playoff’s, Kimbrel’s Braves went the other way, coughing up a huge
lead to St. Louis. In fact Kimbrel actually blew the save on that
memorable final game of the season, but that hardly negates all the
other success he had.

Overall I’d say both players deserved their awards and I must say it
was a really deep crop of rookies this year.

And from the ‘Really?’ file we have word that the Cardinals have hired
Mike Matheny as Tony La Russa’s successor. I have nothing against
Matheny and remember him as being a pretty good back up from his days
in Toronto. And of course being a former catcher he does have a
certain understanding of the game that most former players don’t.

Still, I’d have opted for a guy with more (some) experience if it were
up to me. But on the other hand, this isn’t the worst managerial
hiring this off-season. That title currently (and probably will stay
that way all year) to Chicago and Robin Ventura.


One comment

  1. This is a very simple game...

    While I wish Trumbo had won, the final decisions were excellent choices…heck any one of about three or four options in either league would have been an excellent choice. This was a strong rookie class in both leagues. As far as your rookie dreams go, what, you don’t want sit it out for ten more years and then pull a Jimmy Morris? 🙂
    — Kristen

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