1. lancer97

    I like the logo, but I don’t like the jerseys. That time is gone. We won in the 90s with them, putting them back on (although slightly altered of course) is not the key to winning in 2012. I ‘m happy about the BLUE being added back in to Blue Jays but I think the jersey should have been completely re-designed to something new. Of course nobody is right, everybody has their own opinion.


  2. mlblogsfishfry55

    I’m really excited about the added wild card, that will add to the late-September excitement even more. I also really like the “new,” if you can call them that, uniforms. I liked the old Blue Jays uniforms, particularly the hat. And your blog theme changed just as fast as mine did for Miami! Do you know if Toronto will still do those light-blue throwbacks?

  3. Christine

    I like the blue!!! It’s not the throw back blue but a nice royal blue! I really like it. I am glad they are adding the “blue” back to the Blue Jays name! Mind you I never really got rid of the blue anyways! *L* I’m excited for the next season. It’ll be interesting to see how the extra wild card spot will play out next fall.

  4. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    Steve- sadly they got rid of the light blue throw back Fridays last year and I don’t think they are bringing them back for next year.

    Anthony- I agree bringing back the old jersey is a bit of a cheap marketing ploy, but if you were to ask me I’d have never updated the jerseys in the first place. That’s not to say a new jersey might have been even better. They went the safe route, which I can’t say I totally blame them.

    Christine- I love the royal blue too, I think that’s the jersey I’m going to get. So much better than black.

  5. This is a very simple game...

    I like the logo and the blue! Too many teams go for black jerseys these days and they all start to look the same. And I love how quickly MLBlogs updated the logo on the Blue Jays pages. I am skeptical about the new Wild Cards additions but it took my a while to come around on the first Wid Card additions. I can see how they might bust up a few death grip holds on a playoff berth and that could be a good thing.
    — Kristen

  6. Michael David

    I love the logo and the jerseys, personally. I prefer the more classic, or ‘retro’ look of them, and I’m sure the sales will be increased. I really love the Orioles logo, too, and it reminds me of being a kid and loving baseball. I see they really inclreased the size of the maple leaf, though, which takes away from the actually blue jay, but other than that they’re nice.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

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