No shame in losing to the best

I know I’m a little late on this one, but I’ve been busy so give me a break, ok??

I’m talking about Justin Verlander winning the MVP award on Monday. Truth be told, I had this post in mind for after he won the Cy, but I do tend to be lazy.

The Jays played a huge role in helping him win both, allowing him to toss a no-hitter against them on May 7 of this year. Luckily I was busy that day so I didn’t find out about the outcome for a few hours after the fact. As cool as it would have been to see, I’m not too heart-broken about missing it.

And while Verlander’s 24-5 record had a lot to do with him winning both, adding a no-hitter in there certainly helped his case. You’re welcome Verly.

His path to Cy-hood mirrors that of former Jay Roy Halladay, as he too had a horrendous year not too long ago, going 11-17 with a 4.48 ERA in 2008. We can all remember when Roy posted an ERA in the 10’s a few years back. Look how far he’s come.

Also I’m happy a Yankee or Red Sox didn’t win the award either.

Of course I was a little sad to see Jose Bautista didn’t win the MVP award, but I knew he never had a shot either. That’s not to take away from his great year, I just think Verlander’s was better. With Jose the Jays still finish 4th, just further back in the standings. Without Verlander, the Tigers spend October on their couch. Of course there’s that whole debate of whether or not a pitcher should even be allowed to win, but I’m not going to get into that. 

Aside from that, no big Free Agent deals to comment on just yet other than Joe Nathan heading to Texas. The Jays are in the market for a closer and there’s now one less out there. Given his past injury concerns, I’m not too upset about taking a pass on Mr. Nathan.

And finally, the new CBA was agreed upon this week assuring us on no strike for another few years. One of the stipulations of the deal is that any player named to an All-Star game MUST play unless injured or otherwise excused. I think it’s a good idea in theory, but I can’t imagine watching a bitter All-Star phone in the game is going to be all that exciting. But who knows, maybe it’ll work. 


One comment

  1. toosoxy

    should have been bautista or ellsbury. they played practically every game. starting pitchers play what, one in five? i just don’t think pitchers should win mvp…

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