Blue Jays make their Christmas Wish List

December is a time were miracles happen and little boys and girls wish for things that they are likely to never, ever, ever, ever get. 

In that same train of thought we have rumours that Albert Pujols’ agent was in Toronto recently. Now I’d like to dream that this means there are serious talks to bring the best hitter in baseball North of the border, but I’m not that naive. 

Pujols’ agent also represents several other players, most of them not all that exciting, so more than likely if a meeting took place it was to discuss one of them. Or another theory is Pujols is gathering as many offers as he can in hopes of leveraging that against St. Louis.   

Meanwhile another big name slugger is still available, a fellow by the name of Prince Fielder. There’s been a few quiet rumblings here and there that the Jays are interested in him. While not as good as Pujols, he’s not horrible runner up prize. Of the two, he’s more likely to land in Toronto, though both are long shots. 

Aside from a big name bat, the Jays also have a veteran starter and reliable closer on their Wish List. It’s a good year to need a closer as there’s several good ones to be bad. One report had Heath Bell seriously considering an offer from Toronto, though it appears as though Miami may be the front runner for his services. We’ll see how that one works out. 

Maybe if the Blue Jays are extra good this month, Santa will surprise them and deliver a slugger, ace and closer under the Rogers Centre tree….just maybe.  




  1. mlblogsyossif

    I don’t think Fielder or Pujols are a reality for the Jays. Bell would of been a nice pick up for Toronto, but now he’s headed to Miami. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jays went after David Ortiz though.

  2. This is a very simple game...

    I coveted Heath Bell for the Angels too. Alas, it was not meant to be. You never know that that wiley Santa will bring though…of course after last year’s Hot Stove I have a sneaking suspecion that Santa is a Red Sox fan, not that it mattered in the end.
    — Kristen

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