Mills for Mathis

After throughly ripping off the Angels last season (Vernon Wells for Mike Napoli with no money involved), the Jays are trying to work out another deal with the Angels this year, though no one is poised to win this one.

The proposed trade is Brad Mills (2-3 with an ERA 8.57 in 48.1 career innings) for Jeff Mathis (career .194 batthing average). 

Mathis figures to serve as back up for J.P. Arencibia and serve as a place holder while some of the Jays better catcher prospects develop. 

Mills on the other hand, won’t be missed too much. Maybe he’ll figure it out in Los Angles, but whatever he’s doing in Toronto just isn’t working. Even if he develops into a decent pitcher, it will probably have to do with new scenery and coaching than anything else. 

All in all, not a very exciting deal. Maybe Alex Anthopolous is cooking up something good. Or maybe there’s just not many good deals to be had out there. 



  1. lancer97

    Not quite the direction I would have gone in if I were the Jays GM. Wonder if Mathis is to be flipped. I can’t believe a career .194 hitter is a better option than D’Arnaud or Jeroloman for a backup or platoon situation.

  2. This is a very simple game...

    I saw that today and had to laugh. Personally, I think it was a “Godfather” clause in the Vernon Wells deal. “Some day the Angels are going to come to you with a favor…” It’s the only rational explanation. LOL!
    Your guys might as well keep him. You have that slugging whisperer of a hitting coach and you know that if you trade him to the Rangers he’s going to become a silver slugging all star. 😉
    — Kristen

    • lancer97

      I have read several comments by Angels fans that they absolutely despise hitting coach Mickey Hatcher, think he’s a train wreck of a coach who’s ruined guys like Mathis. Maybe some of the magic that rubbed off on Bautista will work this time around too.

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