Braun gets busted

The horrible off-season for  the Milwaukee Brewers today when word broke that recently named NL MVP Ryan Braun tested positive for synthetic testosterone. 

First I’ll start by saying Braun is fighting the result and denies taking any PEDs. There’s still a chance that somehow this turns out to be a big misunderstanding and he gets cleared. 

Secondly I have to say, sadly, I’m not at all shocked by this. Not because of Braun’s recent numbers, but I’ve since become immune to positive drugs tests. I’m hoping against hope that this turns out to be false test. It’s not great for the sport to have their stars busted like this and sitting out for 50 games. But if worse comes to worse, this isn’t the first positive test and this won’t be the last.

In a few days the Brewers are going to have to bid farewell to Prince Fielder as well. Repeating as division champions just got a whole lot harder. 

Elsewhere in the league, the Diamondbacks pulled off a bit of a surprise move, prying Trevor Cahill away from Oakland for prospects. I’ve never been much for following prospects, but supposedly the Jarrod Parker has the potential to be an ace. What I don’t understand is why the A’s traded away a current ace who they control for five more years for prospects. Early word is the prospects they did great aren’t all that great either. 

I know it’s treason in some parts to question Billy Beane, but I’ve never been all that impressed with him. Especially in the past five years. 

In any event, if he is giving away top flight pitchers for AA level players, it’s time for Alex Anthopolous to check in on Gio Gonzalez. 



  1. Benny, the Brewer Fan

    I’m not jumping to any conclusions about Braun, yet. If he says he is innocent I believe him and I stand by him until there is 100% proof.

  2. mlblogsyossif

    Once the sources are confirmed, which I think will happen, it will be another disgrace to the game. I was absolutely shocked to hear this, especially since I’ve always been a big fan of his. I like the suspension rule by the MLB, and if I was the commissioner it would be at least 50 games. These guys have had so many years to learn from other players regretted mistakes, but still fail to make the right choices.
    The Rays Rant-

  3. This is a very simple game...

    I have been really out of it this weekend (family stuff) and didn’t hear about this until I read your blog. I am very disappointed in Brauny if it’s true…and I suspect it is because there hasn’t been one that turned out to be a false positive yet. I really wanted to believe that all of the current greats in the game are clean.
    I don’t think Billy Beane is all that either. I think he can be brilliant at times but that he’s too mercurial to stick with any one strategy long enough for it to really work and parting with Cahill this early for essentially nothing makes no sense to me by any strategy.
    — Kristen

  4. mlblogsfishfry55

    If this turns out to be true, it would be very ironic considering Braun’s comments about A-Rod when he tested positive a few years back. He had a great year, but I thought he was just reaching his prime, so I thought nothing of it.

  5. Mateo Fischer

    I am in the camp that just hopes Braun is right in his “BS” comment and we can move ourselves out from under the cloud that is the “Steroid Era”. I also think that there is a bit of an overreaction element, because what has been lost is that this information was leaked amidst the investigation as to whether this is legitimate. There is still a decent-ish chance he gets cleared.

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