Yu tricked us

First Nolan Ryan threw a no-hitter against Toronto in 1993, now he stole our Japanese ace, swooping in with a bid of a little over $51 million.

That money slightly eclipses that of Boston’s Dice-K bid.

The Rangers are hoping that’s the only thing Yu Darvish has in common with Dice-K. 

I’ll admit I’m not an expert on the summer climate of Japan. But with that in mind, the summer heat of Texas is known for hampering seasoned pitchers, so it’ll be interesting to see how that affects Darvish. 

Along with the $51 million, it’s expected to take at least $75 million over five years to ink him to an actual contract. That’s a lot of money for an unproven arm. IF he continues to post similar numbers on this side of the Pacific Ocean he’ll be worth every penny. If he follows the likes of Dice-K, the Rangers will rue this day. 

So now the question for Jays fans is simply…what now?

The fact that they were willing to spend over $100 million tells us they have money to spend. The problem is there aren’t any quality arms left that are worth that kind of dough. 

And of course the rumours will now pick up around Prince Fielder. Maybe now the Jays will package some prospects plus Adam Lind to try and pry Gio Gonzalez away from Oakland and then sign Prince to replace Fielder’s bat?

Your guess is as good as mine at this point. 



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Yeah, that Nolan. Tricky, tricky. Seriouslym reminds me of Beltre last season with whom nothing was remotely imminent… Well played, Rangers. Grrrrr. Unfortunately if they do land him I have a feeling he’ll work out just fine. Daniels and Ryan and company seem to have the golden personnel touch.
    First Pujols and nowRyan Darvish. Our little AL West is growing up so fast! *sniff* LOL!
    — Kristen

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