Beltran, Gonzalez, Gone

A pair of names that had been linked to the Jays, Carlos Beltran and Gio Gonzalez, are now off the table as they were signed and traded respectively. 

I think the Jays dodged a bullet in Beltran, who for one reason or another, was actually highly sought after this year. Despite questionable health and the fact that he’s 35, Beltran had suitors lining up to try and court him. He’s also on the heels of a 22 HR season with 84 RBI. The year before that: 7, 27. And in 2009? 10 and 48. 

Interestingly enough, he will now play for in the city where his career has thus far been defined. His infamous called third strike in Game 7 of the NLCS on an Adam Wainwright curveball still haunts Mets fans. 

Somehow, I think the Jays will manage without him.

Gonzalez on the other hand would have potentially been a great fit. The only problem is the Nationals gave up four top prospects to get him and he is coming from a very pitcher friendly environment. Still, a combined 3.93 over four seasons and being under team control until 2015 is pretty sweet. He’s also 25 and doesn’t look like he’s peaked yet. 

We can speculate all we want on if the Jays should have made better efforts to acquire any of the above, but the fact it they’re gone and that’s two more improvement options no longer on the table. Though the off-season is still relatively young, the clock is ticking in terms of big name free agents still out.

As much as I am nervous about dishing out big money on the big guy, it’s looking more and more likely that Prince Fielder is Toronto’s last hope at making a big splash this winter.

Unless, of course, Alex Anthopolous has a crafty trade idea he’s cooking up. 



  1. BR,Oakville

    With all that’s happened, so far during this off-season, it looks like it all comes down to Fielder. Who would you rather employ at first, Fielder or Votto?

    The last chance for my off-season wish list would have been Votto. But, what about a sign and trade with Fielder ending up in Cincinatti?

    or, if Alex is not going to do any FA signings-of signficance- what about…

    Miami must be drooling at the thought of getting Bautista (having missed out on Pujols) as part of their Latin heritage overhaul and JoeyBats potentially as a bargain by comparison. Wouldn’t a package of Peterson or Morrison or Stanton + Brad Hand + Michael Dunn + Yelich be (at least) tempting for AA?

  2. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    I believe any free agent signed can’t be traded until after June 1, I could be wrong. From a marketing stand point, Votto would be a great fit for Toronto. Him at first and Brett Lawrie at third is a ticket seller’s dream.
    As for Bautista, he’s such a great value I’m hoping the Jays hold onto him. Although as they say, no player is fully ‘untouchable’ provided the right price is offered.

  3. BR, Oakville

    OK, but if we need to be crafty, then AA could tell the Reds that, hey, “go ahead and sign Fielder and we’ll take Votto” The Jays could then offer up Bautista and Lind for Votto and one or two of Jay Bruce/Stubbs/Heisey/Sappelt coming back.

    The Reds could justify this as Votto would have cost even more than the $17 Million they have to pay him for 2012 when he becomes a FA next year. Conversely, the Jays can say, hey, we got our guy and another decent young player and then extend his contract, especially as he could go another 5 years playing at first.

    The more I write it, the more I like it!!!

  4. This is a very simple game...

    I didn’t understand Beltran’s popularity either, but Gio Gonzalez is another story. He also pitched lights out away from the “ Coliseum” too. I don’t think the Nats necessarily gave up too much to get him, but I can understand other teams thinking “he may be worth it but I’m still not paying that:”
    — Kristen

  5. toosoxy

    You can sit on the spectator’s bench with me. I’m still waiting for the Sox to actually PLAY this offseason. I was back and forth on Beltran. Back now…

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