Not Manny again

Just when I thought we were safe, there’s a rumour floating around on the internet that the Blue Jays are interested in Manny Ramirez, going so far as to send scouts to watch him work out.

Rumor had him close to signing with Toronto last season before ultimately landing in Tampa Bay….for about five games.

It seems as though as long as John Farrell is manager of the Jays, his former coach in Boston, they’ll always be linked to Manny. I was pretty sure Manny was done last year. Now that he’s another year older and hasn’t played in close to a year, I have even less faith in him being productive. 

Personally I’m not too worried about this rumour. I doubt very much the Jays will actually acquire him. For what it’s worth, the Baltimore Orioles are also checking in on Manny. Given that they tend to do more desperate things, I think Baltimore is a more likely landing spot, if anyone takes him at all.

Anyone who does take the plunge on Manny won’t be able to use him until the end of May, as he has to serve a 50 game suspension for violating yet another drug test. That was just Manny being a cheater. 



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