Braun to make a speech, Darvish strikes a deal

The Jays haven’t done much this off-season, especially of late. 

So that leaves me with little to blog about. 

One thing that I feel like weighing in on (just let me climb on my soap box here) is the Ryan Braun situation. The recent development being that Braun has confirmed he will make an acceptance speech when he accepts his NL MVP Award. Don’t expect anything too exciting though as his elevated testosterone levels will no doubt be OFF the list of acceptable topics. 

I’m not going to get into the whole ‘did he’ or ‘didn’t he’ talk because I honestly have no idea. If he honestly believes he’s done nothing wrong it would be a shame that he doesn’t get to enjoy everything that goes with being MVP. My problem lays in the fact that MLB has had weeks to deal with this whole Braun situation. Couldn’t they have held his appeal and dealt with this ugliness and then decided whether or not he knowingly broke the rule?

As for if he deserves the award or not, I think IF he cheated he doesn’t deserve it. Of course this would set a standard and open a huge can of worms. 

And in somewhat Jays related news, the Texas Rangers reached a deal with Yu Darvish at the deadline today, going for 60 million, six year deal. If he lives up to the hype that will be a great bargain. There’s a good chance he won’t though but either way I’m sure his ticket sales alone will make this deal worth while. 

I have to think this deal means Prince Fielder is likely going to become a Washington National. 



One comment

  1. This is a very simple game...

    I still won’t be shocked if Fielder winds up in Texas. Daniels and Ryan are saying no in that really vague way that suggests they’re still trying to land him, a’la Adrian Beltre. I wish MLB would make some sort of pronouncement about Braun too, just so I would know how to feel about it. I like and admire the guy a lot…but so much of that is based on my belief that he plays the game the right way. A true positive PED test would completely change that for me.
    — Kristen

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