Pena’s back in the division and Fausto Carmona we hardly knew ye

The Jays had a nice break last year when Carlos Pena was confined to the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, but the slugger is now headed back to Tampa after agreeing to a one year deal.

I know Pena struggled to hit .200 but for it seems like whenever the Jays play the Rays he hits a dramatic home run to steal a win and hand Toronto pitchers another blown save. Or maybe I am just thinking of Kevin Gregg against every batter ever. Either way I enjoyed not having to face Pena 18 times a year. 

The only good news to come out of this weekend is that it seems the Oakland A’s are VERY interested in Manny Ramirez. Hopefully they sign him soon because as long as he’s on the market the Jays will be linked to him. Keep him away, please. 

And here’s something you don’t see everyday, the Red Sox dumped a relatively useful veteran in Marco Scutaro to the Rockies for a no name minor leaguer. Usually it’s the other way around.

Normally this would be cause for celebration, but more than likely this deal is merely a salary dump so the Sox can free up some cash to acquire Roy Oswalt. Since when does Boston ever have a limit of their cash flow?

And finally, is anyone else confused about this whole Fausto Carmona aka Roberto Hernandez Heredia story? I know guys from Latin American countries have been forging documents on their age for years, but why would they need a different identity? Is Heredia a wanted man back home? As far as I know that was never really explained in the whole ‘Leo Nunez’ case either.

In any event, I’m now very happy the Jays never acquired ‘Carmona’ like they almost did last season. Not only has he struggled on the diamond, but he now brings with him some off-field baggage ‘almost’ as ugly as Ramirez’s….almost. 



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