Hamilton is human

Anyone who had read this blog before knows how much I like to toot Josh Hamilton’s horn. I highly recommend fans read his book ‘Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back.’ 

It goes without saying I was saddened to read that Hamilton was spotted consuming alcohol earlier this week. Personally I don’t believe it’s anyone’s business what he does in his spare time, but since he is a celebrity, some people love to read about this stuff. 

So far most of the comments I’ve read on this story have been encouraging ones directed at Hamilton. I was actually expecting a lot of people to attack him because, well, I wasn’t born yesterday. Ignorance and hatred run rampant on the internet and nothing people do surprises me anymore. 

Hopefully this incident is a minor setback. Even if you’re not a Rangers fan or even a baseball fan, I think most will agree Hamilton’s story is a great inspiration to many people going through their own addictions. For him to relapse would be a tragedy on so many levels. 

Hang in there Josh. Here’s hoping the next time you make headlines is because of you’re igniting the Rangers’ offense. 


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