Spring has sprung (kinda)

The calendar may still say it’s winter, but I don’t care. Spring Training kicked off for the Jays today and as far as I’m concerned, despite gusting winds and snow still on the ground here, Spring is in the air.

And what an opening it was to Grapefruit League for the Jays, beating up on the Pittsburgh Pirates 7-1. I know, even it was the regular season beating the Pirates is nothing to brag about. But still it looks a lot better than LOSING 7-1 to the Bucs, am I right? Sure both teams used mostly guys who will never see the light of the big leagues, who cares! It’s a win and baseball’s back!

More exciting is the news that MLB has officially confirmed a fifth team in each league will make the playoffs. I was actually under the assumption that this was finalized about a month ago but then last week I heard they were close to finalizing it. Either way, I’m happy it’s official. The cynic in me wants to say all this means is that now Boston, New York and Tampa Bay will make the playoffs, but the optimist in me (and it’s impossible to be a Jays fan and NOT an optimist) says that the Jays now have a real shot at breaking the 18 year slump. Here’s hoping.

And finally, barring injuries, the Indians have announced that Justin Masterson will start their Opening Day. That means it’s Ricky Romero vs. Masterson to kick off the 2012 season. As a Jays fan, I like that match up. 



  1. This is a very simple game...

    I agree – be it ever so preseasony and unofficial, there’s still nothing like live baseball. The additional wild cards are groing on me. We’ll see how it all works out. Sounds like they’ll be in a real pickle with the schedule this year if anyone ties.
    — Kristen

  2. Mike

    Hey, nice blog! Blue Jays are having a good spring training so far, and most importantly no one is getting seriously injured (aside from Litsch, but we have so much bullpen depth this year) so far. And hey, it’s great that we beat the Pirates, we couldn’t win a series against them last year in inter-league play (or the Astros for that matter)! Regardless of whether the Blue Jays factor into the new wild card this year (I think there’s a good chance they will), I think it’s good for baseball. If you have some time, check out my blog I started a month ago, my latest post covers the new wild card a bit.

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